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Scaling Cooldowns
  • A scaling cooldown helps you prevent your Auto Scaling group from launching or terminating additional instances before the effects of previous activities are visible.
  • When you use simple scaling, after the Auto Scaling group scales using a simple scaling policy, it waits for a cooldown period to complete before any further scaling activities due to simple scaling policies can start.

Scaling-specific cooldown period

  • In addition to specifying the default cooldown period for your Auto Scaling group, you can create cooldowns that apply to a specific simple scaling policy.
  • A scaling-specific cooldown period overrides the default cooldown period.
  • One common use for a scaling-specific cooldown period is with a scale-in policy.
    • Because this policy terminates instances, EC2 Auto Scaling needs less time to determine whether to terminate additional instances.
      • Terminating instances should be a much quicker operation than launching instances.
        • The default cooldown period of 300 seconds is therefore too long.