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CloudWatch Logs
  • You can use CloudWatch Logs to monitor, store, and access your log files from EC2 instances, CloudTrail, Route 53, and other sources.
  • CloudWatch Logs enables you to centralize the logs from all of your systems, applications, and AWS services that you use, in a single, highly scalable service.
  • You can then easily view them, search them for specific error codes or patterns, filter them based on specific fields, or archive them securely for future analysis.

Log streams

  • A log stream is a sequence of log events that share the same source.

Log groups

  • A log group is a group of log streams that share the same settings, such as retention, monitoring, and access control.
  • You define log groups and specify which streams to put into each group.
  • There is no limit on the number of log streams that can belong to one log group.

Metric filters

  • You can use metric filters to extract metric observations from ingested events and transform them to data points in a CloudWatch metric.
  • Metric filters are assigned to log groups, and all of the filters assigned to a log group are applied to their log streams.

Retention settings

  • Retention settings can be used to specify how long log events are kept in CloudWatch Logs.
  • Retention settings are also assigned to log groups.

Logs Insights

  • Logs Insights enables you to interactively search and analyse your log data in Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
  • You can perform queries to help you more efficiently and effectively respond to operational issues.
  • Logs Insights includes a purpose-built query language.