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  • EBS Volumes - Availability Zone
    • Amazon EBS volume is tied to its Availability Zone.
    • It can only be attached to instances in the same Availability Zone.
  • EBS Snapshot - Regional
    • An EBS snapshot is tied to its region.
    • It can only be used to create volumes in the same region and has to be copied from one region to other if you need to create a volume in a another region.
  • EFS Volume - Regional
    • An EFS volume can be mounted to hundreds of EC2 instances across multiple different availability zones.
  • By default, Amazon EBS root device volumes are automatically deleted when the instance terminates.
    • However, by default, any additional EBS volumes that you attach at launch, or any EBS volumes that you attach to an existing instance persist even after the instance terminates.
  • EFS is more expensive than EBS.
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