Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Kinesis + MQ
Databases & Analytics
Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • DMS is used to migrate data from your database that is on-premises, on an RDS instance, or in a database on an EC2 instance to a database on an AWS service.
  • You can also migrate a database from an AWS service to an on-premises database.
  • DMS supports nearly all of today's most popular DBMS engines as data sources, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Db2 LUW, SAP, MongoDB, and Amazon Aurora.
  • DMS provides a broad coverage of available target engines including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, SAP ASE, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB.
  • You can migrate from any of the supported data sources to any of the supported data targets.

Schema Conversion Tool (SCT)

  • Converts the source database schema and a majority of the database code objects, including views, stored procedures, and functions, to a format compatible with the target database.
  • You don't need SCT if you have the same database engine to start off with.