Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Kinesis + MQ
Databases & Analytics
  • Shield Standard:
    • At no additional charge for all AWS customers.
    • Defends against most common and frequent network and transport layer DDoS attacks.
    • Get particular benefit if you are using CloudFront and Route 53.
    • Receive comprehensive availability protection against all known infrastructure (Layer 3 and Layer 4) attacks.
  • Shield Advanced:
    • Paid service - Costs $3000 per month.
    • Requires a 1-year subscription commitment.
    • Provides additional protections for internet-facing applications running on:
      • Elastic Compute (EC2).
      • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB).
      • CloudFront.
      • Global Accelerator.
      • Route 53.
    • Available to all customers - However, to contact the DDoS Response Team customers will need the Enterprise or Business Support levels of AWS Premium Support.
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