Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Kinesis + MQ
Databases & Analytics
Elastic Load Balancing
  • It automatically distributes your incoming traffic across multiple targets, such as EC2 instances, containers, and IP addresses, in one or more Availability Zones.
  • It monitors the health of its registered targets, and routes traffic only to the healthy targets.
  • It also scales your load balancer as your incoming traffic changes over time.
  • With ALBs and NLBs, you register targets in target groups, and route traffic to the target groups.
  • With CLBs, you register instances with the load balancer.
  • With CLBs and ALBs, you get a default DNS name.
    • This DNS name includes the name of the AWS Region in which the load balancer is created.
    • For example, it looks something like this:
    • To access the website on your instances, you paste this DNS name into the address field of a web browser.
    • However, with NLBs, you can use static IP addresses instead.
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