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SSM Parameter Store Overview
  • Systems Manager Parameter Store provides secure, hierarchical storage for configuration data management and secrets management.
  • You can store data such as passwords, database strings, Amazon Machine Image (AMI) IDs, and license codes as parameter values.
  • You can store values as plain text or encrypted data.
  • You can reference Systems Manager parameters in your scripts, commands, SSM documents, and configuration and automation workflows by using the unique name that you specified when you created the parameter.
  • You can associate an alias for versions of your parameter by creating labels.
    • Labels can help you remember the purpose of a parameter version when there are multiple versions.
  • Parameter policies help you manage a growing set of parameters by enabling you to assign specific criteria to a parameter such as an expiration date or time to live.
    • Especially helpful in forcing you to update or delete passwords and configuration data stored in Parameter Store.
    • Parameter Store offers the following types of policies: Expiration, ExpirationNotification, and NoChangeNotification.
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