Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Kinesis + MQ
Databases & Analytics
Directory Service
  • Directory Service provides multiple ways to use Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with other AWS services.
  • Directories store information about users, groups, and devices, and administrators use them to manage access to information and resources.
  • Directory Service provides multiple directory choices for customers who want to use existing Microsoft AD or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) - aware applications in the cloud.

AWS Managed Microsoft AD

  • AWS Managed Microsoft AD is powered by an actual Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory (AD) managed by AWS in the AWS Cloud.
  • Trust connection between on-premises AD and AWS Managed Microsoft AD.
  • It enables you to migrate a broad range of Active Directoryโ€“aware applications to AWS.
  • It supports MFA.

AD Connector

  • AD Connector is a proxy service that provides an easy way to connect compatible AWS applications to your existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory.
  • AD Connector also eliminates the need of directory synchronization or the cost and complexity of hosting a federation infrastructure.
  • Users managed on the on-premises AD because AD Connector is just a proxy to connect AWS apps to your on-premises AD.

Simple AD

  • Simple AD is a Microsoft Active Directory - compatible directory from AWS Directory Service that is powered by Samba 4.
  • Simple AD supports basic Active Directory features such as user accounts, group memberships, joining a Linux domain or Windows based EC2 instances, Kerberos-based SSO, and group policies.
  • It is just a standalone Active Directory in AWS.