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3rd Party Domains
  • A domain name registrar is a business that handles the reservation of domain names as well as the assignment of IP addresses for those domain names.
  • Domain names are alphanumeric aliases used to access websites; for example, Googleโ€™s domain name is โ€˜google.comโ€™ and their IP address is
    • Domain names make it easier to access websites without having to memorize and enter numeric IP addresses.
  • If you purchase a domain from a 3rd party and would like to use it with Route 53:
    • Create a public hosted zone.
    • Then, update the 3rd party registrar NS records.
  • Private hosted zones:
    • Meant to be used for internal network queries.
    • They are not publicly accessible.
  • Public Hosted Zones:
    • Meant to be used for people requesting your website through the public internet.
  • NS records must be updated on the 3rd party registrar.
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