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Connection Draining/Deregistration Delay
  • For CLBs, it is called Connection Draining.
    • But, for Target Groups (so ALBs and NLBs), it called Deregistration Delay.
  • To ensure that a Load Balancer stops sending requests to instances that are de-registering or unhealthy, while keeping the existing connections open, use connection draining.
    • This enables the load balancer to complete in-flight requests made to instances that are de-registering or unhealthy.
  • When you enable connection draining, you can specify a maximum time for the load balancer to keep connections alive before reporting the instance as de-registered.
    • The maximum timeout value can be set between 1 and 3,600 seconds (the default is 300 seconds).
      • When the maximum time limit is reached, the load balancer forcibly closes connections to the de-registering instance.
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