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Direct Connect
  • Direct Connect links your internal network to an Direct Connect location over a standard Ethernet fiber-optic cable.
    • One end of the cable is connected to your router, the other to an Direct Connect router.
  • You can create virtual interfaces directly to public AWS services (for example, to Amazon S3) or to VPC, bypassing internet service providers in your network path.
  • It does not encrypt your traffic that is in transit.

Direct Connect gateways

  • Use Direct Connect gateway to connect your VPCs in multiple regions.
  • You associate a Direct Connect gateway with either of the following gateways:
    • A transit gateway when you have multiple VPCs in the same Region.
    • A virtual private gateway.
  • A Direct Connect gateway is a globally available resource.
  • You can create the Direct Connect gateway in any Region and access it from all other Regions.
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