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Snowball/Snowmobile Overview
  • Snowball cannot import into Glacier directly.


  • Uses physical storage devices to transfer large amounts of data between Amazon S3 and your onsite data storage location at faster-than-internet speeds.
  • 50 TB and 80 TB models are available in US Regions.
    • 50 TB model available in all other AWS Regions.
  • Enforced encryption protects your data at rest and in physical transit.
  • No need to buy or maintain your own hardware devices.

Snowball Edge

  • Type of Snowball device with on-board storage and compute power for select AWS capabilities.
  • Can do local processing and edge-computing workloads in addition to transferring data between your local environment and the AWS Cloud.
  • Snowball Edge Storage Optimized provides 100 TB of capacity and 24 vCPUs and is well suited for local storage and large scale data transfer.
  • Snowball Edge Compute Optimized provides 52 vCPUs and an optional GPU for use cases such as advanced machine learning and full motion video analysis in disconnected environments.
  • Encryption is enforced, protecting your data at rest and in physical transit.
  • Have Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 compatible endpoints available, enabling programmatic use cases.


  • Exabyte-scale data transfer service used to move extremely large amounts of data to AWS.
  • Can transfer up to 100PB per Snowmobile.
  • A 45-foot long ruggedized shipping container pulled by a semi-trailer truck.
  • Makes it easy to move massive volumes of data to the cloud, including video libraries, image repositories, or even a complete data centre migration.
  • Uses multiple layers of security to help protect your data:
    • Dedicated security personnel.
    • GPS tracking.
    • Alarm monitoring.
    • 24/7 video surveillance.
    • An optional escort security vehicle while in transit